ESO Symphony for Kids Illustrations

Here are all the illustrations I did for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Symphony for Kids! Really fun project. 

For anyone who might be interested in my process on these: Sketch concepts in pencil sent to the client for approval, drawing with brush and india ink, scan, colour digitally in photoshop (including the textures). Aww yea.


Here are some detail shots :) If you want to see these illustrations larger, you'll have to go to the Saturday performances! They'll be doing giant backdrops that the kiddies can stand in front of for taking photos.

digital vs. traditional

I have finally upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud and its beautiful! Here is a quick study with some of Kyle T. Webster's watercolour brushes. I have barely even scratched the surface with these amazing brushes.

I bounce back and forth from traditional and digital media all the time, always feeling like one is better when I am doing the other one. Having a combination of tools to create illustration and willingness to explore/experiment with any kind of media really can always open up doors. I like doing a bit of both, each time. This one is an ink drawing, scanned in and coloured digitally.

Time for a pyjama, tea and wacom tablet weekend :D


Summer days slowly fading

Summer is coming to a close.

I made up this drawing last night after doing a teaching demo on using nib pens and washes in the afternoon. I usually don't work with these tools, but as soon as I did the demo I wanted to do more. You can make both fat and delicate lines with the nib pen. I was trying to tell them it is OK for the line quality to vary and have flaws/scratches… that the imperfections are what make an illustration have life. I could tell by their eyes that some did not believe me. Or perhaps the perfectionist comes out and that can be hard to let go of…

This is a great video by Danny Gregory on drawing breakfast - I felt this was a perfect example to show how varied line can create a beautiful and interesting drawing.

Peter and the Wolf

New work for the Symphony for Kids series at Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

This is the first of three I will be doing in this series. For these illustrations, I am working with a india ink and a brush at the beginning, scanning (in six parts!) and developing all the colouring in photoshop. The timing is pretty last minute for promoting this event, so you might not see it out and about as much as the other ones coming up :)

Lil' gallery at WD

Here are two newer paintings I did over the summer. I have a small wall space in the Woodward Design studio now where I am going to hang a few paintings as they get done, and if someone wants to purchase them, they can just buy off the wall.

For those of you who do not know where we are located, we are at #103 9942-82 Avenue, on Whyte Avenue, just above K & K Foodliner. They have really great chocolate, sodie pops and in-house made sausage! So, you should come by for a visit buy delicious treats and artwork :)

Old drawings from 2007

My version of #tbt… I've been going through a zillion old digital files at the studio and trying to get organized for some computer swapping. So, I've been looking through old illustration work. SO MUCH OLD STUFF. Impossible not to be critical of past mistakes… but also its nostalgic :)

This is Erin Woodward, circa 2007. I got the mole on the wrong side. Also a kid character I drew for a zoo book.