Rutherford House Sketches

I have been doing lots of conceptual work on a children's book for Rutherford House. Here are some sneak peaks for you of the sketch process!

I'll share more as the final art starts up... I'm planning to try a new technique where I ink most of the artwork but also have some large blocks of colour for contrast. I've decided to do this to try and challenge myself to have more visual contrast in the illustration and not outline every single detail. 

The illustrator/artist that inspired to start thinking about being thoughtful around creating visual contrast between line work and bold chunks of colour is Hadley Hooper. She creates amazing works and I recently read a book called The Iridescence of Birds: A Book About Henri Matisse. I don't work in the same media as she but I really respect her work and how her compositions are arranged. You can see a few samples below. 

Wish me luck! If all goes according to plan, the book will be going to print this coming November.

Nature ink drawings

I love to do nature drawings in the summer. This summer, I am trying a personal challenge where I do a couple of ink drawings a week based on plants I find on runs/walks in the river valley, or plants that are growing in the garden :) This will hopefully keep me practising with ink and brush work. I took a Yuko skillshare course (amazing) in May and realizing I have soon much to learn about how to capture certain types of surface textures with india ink.

Here are the first three! I document lots of my drawing progress at @amandaschutzie.

Morel: Found this exact mushroom on a mushroom walk at Elk Island National Park.

Lilac: Honestly the best smell imaginable outside in late spring. I have very old lilac trees in the back yard and love to snip these and put them inside the house. Its always a little sad when they are finished for the season.

String of Pearl: One of my absolute favourite succulents. I found a larger pot of these at the greenhouse this spring so I have it hanging in my kitchen.

Ms. Arden Project

I was hired to illustrate and provide design consultation on the overall creative look for the 2015-16 Arden Theatre Season. Here is my main illustration (I call her Ms. Arden), spot illustrations and some other sketch concepts I presented to the client. Ok, some of these sketches I did not present to the client. Buuuut, I would like to draw a beet with a face for something else :)

As far as design consult, I provided recommendations for typography, initial layouts for covers and program guide, colour palette etc. Now, the awesome designers in-house at City of St. Albert will roll with it, and I am sure they will do an amazing job!

Execution of final Ms. Arden Illustration: India ink with digital colouring in photoshop.

Rutherford Character Sketches

I am in the beginning stages of developing character sketches for a new children's book project I am working on for the Rutherford House. This is a dream project and I'm having fun working with a writer and the client, making decisions around what type of people or animals will tell the story of how the city in which I live (Edmonton, Alberta) began and grew into what it is today.

I'll share more as things develop :) The project will (theoretically) be completed in early 2016 :)


Line quality & texture

Happy Easter! Listened/watched Yuko's skillshare on the weekend and played around with line quality. Thinking more and more about what kind of thought or care I can put into the line to communicate soft vs. hard, fuzzy vs. smooth, etc. I could spend hours drawing these organic shapes :) She asked in the skillshare workshop to pick an illustration with six different textures to experiment with, so I will try this next :)

Selfcare show at Glenrose Hospital

I am creating a series of new paintings for an upcoming exhibition at Glenrose Hospital themed around selfcare, which will be exhibited in August 2015. In the planning stages, sketching out ideas and figuring out ways to collaborate with other selfcare advocates to make the project even more meaningful (more on that later).

When I hear the word selfcare, I think about what I need to do to take care of my well being. I am responsible for taking care of myself and make it a priority so I'll have the confidence, energy and willingness to perform well at work, be a good partner, family member and friend to the people I care about.

For me, selfcare means that I am rested, eating well, getting proper exercise, time for creativity, time for relationships and time to be alone, hopefully creating a balanced and fulfilling life.

Basically, selfcare can mean a million different things to people. What does it mean to you? I'm open to all ideas and feedback on this topic, as I would love to incorporate many different themes into the paintings :)

Biodiversity Illustrations (ABMI)

I finished mega project for ABMI (Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute) in December of 2014. Here are some of my pencil drawings and a few of the finals from the project! I'll show more once they are officially online for the public. 

Working realistically is not usually my playground, so this was a great challenge to take on. We went through many rounds of sketches to makes sure all the species represented in each zone were accurately placed.