Next Act Exhibition

 I have a series of large original ink drawings available to view/purchase at the Next Act for the next two months! It was really a pleasure to make these... honestly this is exactly how I love to work these days.

Here are a few peeks at the work, they are much nicer to look at in person as they are large (20" x "28). You can see sneak peaks of all the work if you follow me on instagram, @amandaschutzie.

The Vikings Return

New work for Deep Freeze Festival!

As a side note, I love this article on Lisa Congdon's blog about claiming an identity as an artist. I totally agree that the mentality behind 'if I am not starving, I am not a real artist' is bullshit. Work hard, do what you love and  if you can support yourself or your family in a career of making art in a commercial capacity, don't apologize for it! Be happy this is a possibility.

I am very grateful that I get to draw vikings for my job :)

Bold Care Workshop

I'm teaching an afternoon workshop this weekend on how to use the sketchbook and art making as a tool for self-care. Drawing, painting and hand lettering are a huge part of my life and daily routine. I use these things not only in a professional capacity to earn a living, but also I rely on drawing as a way to self-express, share ideas and alleviate stress. It can be meditative and calming to spend even just 15 minutes working in a sketchbook. It can also be an easier way to say something you struggle with communicating verbally or written. I hope to touch on all of these things in the workshop...

I should have posted about this sooner as you can't buy tickets anymore, but I'll try to take a few photos! See you there :)

Bold Care Life Advance

ESO Symphony for Kids Illustrations

Here are all the illustrations I did for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Symphony for Kids! Really fun project. 

For anyone who might be interested in my process on these: Sketch concepts in pencil sent to the client for approval, drawing with brush and india ink, scan, colour digitally in photoshop (including the textures). Aww yea.


Here are some detail shots :) If you want to see these illustrations larger, you'll have to go to the Saturday performances! They'll be doing giant backdrops that the kiddies can stand in front of for taking photos.