NLT 2014

Working on creative for my oldest client (+10 yrs), Northern Light Theatre. Here are some sneak peak press images of the new season We try to do something new every year, often changing up the style/technique completely (see old seasons on the WD website). We've even hired other illustrators to produce the season images, while we focus on the art direction and design.

This year, I illustrated everything :) and I adjusted my style a little to try something new.


All I wanna do is make things with ink. I want more time to do more drawing, but feel its very tricky to create an adequate routine for this.Time is really annoying… I complain about it alot. I like too many different things and this has been my problem for a very long time.

Do you believe in this 10,000 hours to be an expert thing?

I feel that its one thing to spend that many hours actually doing a specific skill, but what about all the time we need to expand our visual library and brain? Research, reading, walking, playing music, honouring relationships, reflecting etc. How can we measure the time we spend that INFORMS the work, vs. the work itself?

Also, what about natural talent vs. practice? Also, who has 10K of time to spare? 

When I talk to students about drawing/making things, I compare it to yoga practise. Its ongoing. Until you're dead. Don't expect it to have an ending, ever. No glorious finish line. Just keep going forever and ever. It will often be awkward, difficult, and uncomfortable. Accept this. Hopefully then, you can savour the journey a little more.


Art in Ottawa

I went to Ottawa to participate in the National AGM for the Graphic Designers of Canada. I took on being the president of the Alberta North Chapter of this association last January. I was nervous to take on this role at first, but it has blossomed into this experience where I am learning so much about how to self start projects, manage a group of people and empower them. Feeling very positive about what could happen with it. I hope that my fellow prezzies from the other chapters felt positive as I made them all do yoga on Parliament hill on Sunday morning. A little grumbling but mostly they seemed happy about it :)

One of the best parts of Ottawa is the National Art Gallery. Amazing collection.

so much you can do

Made this lettering for Cooper's cubicle. I also have a little plate near the front door of our studio as well (thank you Mason). Despite seeing a complete over saturation of 'inspirational' quotes and on social media and in print, I absolutely love this message and it really means something to me. I like to read this each day I walk into the studio as a reminder of what I can do.

When the sun comes out and the snow melts, suddenly everyone is walking a little bit lighter. I wanna drink beer on the patio, hug everyone I know and love, Enjoy spring xo

Hospital commission sketches

I am VERY lucky to be working on a series of commissions for the hospital my grandpa had open heart surgery in a couple of years ago. These paintings will be hung on the exact sample floor where we waited out of the ICU to hear that he was going to be ok. The point of the artwork is to bring some comfort and distraction to families who are faced with pacing up and down the hallways, waiting.

I know working on these will be very nice because I will have lots of painting hours think about how this experience shifted the relationships in my family (it brought us closer).

His recovery was longer than expected, over a month. Our family visited every day, I even got to shave him a couple times. I have tried incorporating this idea into one of my sketches :)