Hospital commission sketches

I am VERY lucky to be working on a series of commissions for the hospital my grandpa had open heart surgery in a couple of years ago. These paintings will be hung on the exact sample floor where we waited out of the ICU to hear that he was going to be ok. The point of the artwork is to bring some comfort and distraction to families who are faced with pacing up and down the hallways, waiting.

I know working on these will be very nice because I will have lots of painting hours think about how this experience shifted the relationships in my family (it brought us closer).

His recovery was longer than expected, over a month. Our family visited every day, I even got to shave him a couple times. I have tried incorporating this idea into one of my sketches :)

drawing books & accordions

I have been trying be self-disciplined and make as many personal drawings as work drawings. I thought, hey, if I could do one drawing for myself for every sketch for work, I could actually make some progress in the ol' sketchbook… I think I was kidding myself.

Anyhow, I have been taking accordion lessons since January, which DOES make me want to draw old men playing squeeze boxes.


India stories

We had an amazing time learning about tamil and typography in India! The time was divided between Chennai and Pune. We worked on many interesting projects, one of the best being learning from Indian sign painters and creating our own bilingual signage with English and Tamil. My 'client' was a Hindu prayer supply shop. They seemed pretty happy when Pavithra translated what I had made for them.

Tara Books was the amazing venue we had the opportunity to work in for the workshops. They design and facilitate the production of gorgeous handmade books (through a print shop run by a man called Mr. A)… honestly these books made me drool. Or rather, just a new appreciation for things that are made my hand at a slower pace with amazing quality.

Here are some links to the two that came home with me :)

The Night Life of Trees



More adventures

I spent Valentine's falling in love with the Lyndal Osborne exhibit at the AGA. It was really hard not to touch (or steal) the art. Really, please do check it out as it is lovely. 

I will be away from the studio Feb 20 - Mar 4, doing typography workshops in India! I'll be checking my email occasionally, but not taking anything new until March. Hopefully I will have awesome pictures and hand drawn type samples to share when I return! xo.